Dr. Roxanne Lawrence is proud to provide oral surgery. There are many reasons why our dentist may recommend oral surgery. Your smile will be examined and your dental needs will be evaluated to create an individualized dental plan.

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to grow in. In most cases, the wisdom teeth fail to grow in properly. They may grow in at an awkward angle or become impacted, or trapped, between the jawbone and the gums. This happens because there is insufficient room for them. If not removed, impacted wisdom teeth can cause swelling, pain, and infection. Impacted wisdom teeth can even cause permanent damage to the nearby teeth. Because of this, our dentist will surgically remove impacted wisdom teeth. Some other instances in which our dentist may perform oral surgery include:

• Treatment for sleep apnea and snoring, during which the soft tissues of the oropharynx or lower jaw are removed
• Facial infection treatment
• Facial injury repair
• Jaw surgery to improve the fit of dentures, repair unequal jaw growth, or treat TMJ disorders
• Dental implant placement to replace one or more permanent teeth

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