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We all know that we need to floss at least once a day, but while many do so, they use sloppy and improper techniques, harming their gums and hardly cleaning their smile. If you are one who isn’t quite sure how to properly floss, we are happy to help you! If you do the following things, you are on the right track:

1. Take about 18 inches of floss and wind the majority of it around one of your middle fingers. Then, wind the rest of the floss around the same middle finger on the opposite hand. This finger will hold the used floss as you work through your smile.

2. Hold the floss tightly between your forefingers and thumbs.

3. Slip the floss between your teeth using a gentle rubbing motion. Do your best to not snap the floss into the gums.

4. As you floss around the gum line, curve the floss into a “C” shape and rub it against one tooth. Gently slide the floss between the tooth and gums, cleaning the area and freeing the plaque from the surface of the tooth. Do this with the other side as well.

5. Rub the floss along the sides of every tooth and don’t forget to floss the back of your last tooth.

As you floss, remember to use a clean section of floss between each tooth. This will give you the best chance at properly cleaning your smile.

If you have any questions or if you would like to know more, please feel free to call our office and schedule an appointment with our friendly dentist!